Stainless reputation of craftsmanship

JSC "Vilpros pramonė" is the leading company in the Baltic States, which produces stainless steel chimneys, which correspond to the highest European standards. To our clients we offer a wide range of chimney inserts, double-wall and industrial chimney systems. In our new factory we manufacture high quality chimneys. Using modern technologies helps us to keep up with EU requirements and most demanding clients.


“Vilpros pramonė” is testing all of its chimneys in Lithuanian and foreign laboratories. All our products correspond to standards EN 1865-1, EN 1856-2 and EN 14898-2. Our materials come only from reliable and well-known suppliers. We ensure, that all our products are made from highest quality raw materials. That’s the only way we can be sure that chimneys are safe.


The factory is equipped with a new advanced automated chimney production line. We are constantly investing in advanced technologies, to raise effectiveness of our service and improve the quality of the products day after day. The use of modern advanced technologies and the experience of our highly qualified staff enables us to manufacture only high quality products.


“Vilpros pramonė” is built on work of our trusted team. 60 highly qualified specialists are certified in their field of work. Keeping healthy relationship with our team, helps us to be integral part of local communities we work in.

More than 15 years of experience
Production is certified under EU standarts
High quality stainless steel
Efficient and firesafe thermal insulation
Advanced and modern production line
Know-how solutions
Innovative staff members
High class customer service