About us


Vilpra Group

JSC "Vilpra group" was established in 2014. It's a corporate group that brought together four different companies - JSC "Vilpra", JSC "Vilpra Industries", JSC "Vilpra investment" and JSC "Vilpra Logistics".


Vilpra Industries

Vilpra Industries - new international name that combines three main brands of the company:

Vilpra Chimneys - manufacturing of stainless steel chimney systems

Vilpra Sauna - manufacturing of stainless steel sauna products

Vilpra Technology - manufacturing of custom stainless steel products



"Vilpra Industries" is a dynamic, open, responsible and reliable company, applying innovative service concepts with a wide variety of products thus enabling customers to make the best decisions. In pursuit of business success, the company also seeks to be an integral part of society - to create and maintain good relations with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors, authorities and media.

JSC "Vilpra Industries" also contributes to the management of packaging waste.



"Vilpra Industries" participates in the activity of European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Technical Committee CEN/TC 166 „Chimneys“.

"Vilpra Industries" is a member of Lithuanian Standards Board TC 84 "Chimneys” (mirror committee of CEN/TC 166 „Chimneys”).

"Vilpra Industries" is a member of the Lithuanian National Association of Chimneys and Fireplaces.



Company “Vilpra” was established in 1992 and started chimney manufacturing in 1998. Factory production and chimney systems were certified according to harmonised European standards for metal chimneys in 2005. Chimney production moved to the new factory near Vilnius city in 2006. Modern and contemporary production line was equipped in 2008.



Our quality work was awarded with a number of medals from Lithuanian confederation of industrialists by the “Product of the year” nominations: golden medals for chimneys and flue liners (2008) and flexible stainless steel liners (2011); silver medal for the external hot tub heater (2012). Magazine “Made in Lithuania” awarded us with the prize „Step to success“ for the successful development of export in 2008. "Product of the year" awards:  


Stainless reputation of craftsmanship

JSC "Vilpra industries" is the leading company in the Baltic States producing stainless steel chimneys, which correspond to the highest European standards. We offer a wide range of chimney liner, double-wall and industrial chimney systems. Our implemented modern technology allows us to always be ahead of the latest EU requirements and offer solutions for all types of projects.



Our materials come from reliable and well-known suppliers. We ensure that all our products are made from highest quality materials. “Vilpra Industries” is constantly testing all of its chimneys in Lithuanian and foreign laboratories. All our products correspond to standards EN 1865-1, EN 1856-2 and EN 14898-2.



The factory is equipped with new advanced automated chimney production line. We are constantly investing in advanced technologies, to raise effectiveness of our services and improve the quality of the products day after day. The use of modern advanced technologies and the experience of our highly qualified staff enables us to manufacture only high quality products.