Chimney application


For heating

Here you will find chimney systems that are suitable for heating appliances that uses gas, liquid or solid fuel for combustion.

Chimney relining

The combustion products, released during the combustion process, cools down and condenses on the inside of a chimney. Therefore, stainless steel liners are used to protect a chimney from aggressive condensate.

For stoves or fireplaces

Stoves and fireplaces provide a home with coziness and warmth. During the heating process its flames produces combustion products, which has to be released into the atmosphere through the chimney.

For energy efficient buildings

Fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances with a closed combustion chamber are used in energy-efficient buildings. For such fireplaces and stoves, air for combustion is taken from the outside and supplied through chimney ducts. It helps to maintain the required building airtightness.
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For sauna and hot tubs

A range of stainless steel products exclusively designed for sauna stoves.

For gas or condensing boilers

Condensing or gas boilers eliminates combustion products with positive pressure. Special stainless steel chimney system has been developed to withstand the pressure and resist the resulting aggressive condensate in the chimney tract.

Collective chimneys

Collective buildings, also called multi-apartment buildings, can be heated individually by installing a separate heating appliance for each apartment. Each heating appliance has a separate chimney that connects into one chimney system.

For industries

Energy and heat generators for industry often require standard and non-standard chimney systems. We offer turnkey chimney system solutions for industrial sectors.