Products for sauna and hot tubs

A chimney made of stainless steel, designed exclusively for sauna stoves is a comfortable and stylish sauna element.

With the stainless steel chimney systems, the sauna can be equipped with a water-heating container, nets for stones and other accessories.

Hot tubs are a great alternative to a sauna. An excellent stainless steel external stove is the perfect solution for warming up the water and conserving space in the tub.


Double-wall chimney system DW50M SAUNA

Designation code:
EN 1856-1 T600-N1-D-Vm-L20080-G100 (4)

Fuel: Dry wood
Diameters: 115 mm, 130 mm.
Pressure class: N1

Solid fuel stove for hot tubs

Fuel: Dry wood